To our valued Curlfriends,
Thank you for all of the support and loyalty you have shown Natural Splendor these past 5 years. We know that you have a lot of product offerings to choose from and you gave Natural Splendor a try and for that we are eternally grateful. 
Along this journey, Natural Splendor has been featured on the cover of Curls,Twists,Coils & Kinks Magazine, featured in 2 subscription beauty boxes, listed as a favorite on several product top ten lists and mentioned on MSNBC small business just to name a few. Many of you have been instrumental in helping Natural Splendor achieve the level of growth and success that it experienced.

While Natural Splendor sales have been steady over the last few years, they have not yielded the return that is required at this stage to continue to produce our products. Although this was not an easy decision, as entrepreneurs we have to know when to pivot and turn our efforts towards other ventures that are showing promise at this time. As we move towards a launch date for our next chapter we look forward to new opportunities to connect with you.
Lets all continue to support and keep our buying power in our community. 
Dawn & Robin 
Natural Splendor Co-founders 
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