Curl Quiz Survey

1. Which of these best describes your texture?

2. What is the shape of your texture/curls?

3. Describe your density

4. Where do you fall on the HAIR CHART?

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Tightly Coiled

Your Formula match is: TIGHTLY COILED

Tightly Coiled Curl Conditioning Cream is a rich custard that contains more oil and offers a medium to heavy hold.

Your texture may be:

  • medium to tight spiral/curls
  • densely packed coils or thick kinky texture
  • medium to coarse density
  • possibly defined as 4a-4c on the Hair Chart
The products can be interchangeable depending on your personal preference for consistency, moisture and hold.

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Lightly Coiled

Your Formula match is: LIGHTLY COILED

Lightly Coiled Curl Conditioning Cream is a rich velvety cream that contains more water than Tightly Coiled and offers a light to medium hold.

Your texture maybe:

  • loose to medium corkscrew spiral/curls
  • springy, zig zag, or loopy shape coils
  • light to medium density
  • possibly defined as 3a-3c on the Hair Chart

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