Our journey to the beauty business was a natural progression for us that started when we were little girls. We were raised on Vogue magazine and taught at an early age to coordinate clothing, practice good skin care, and always present ourselves at our best. That early influence resulted in a journey that has included clothing and jewelry design, fashion styling, fashion show coordinator, makeup artistry, modeling, and wholesale retailing. Our studies have taken us from Los Angeles Trade Technical Design School to The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising Product Development program to Cosmetology School, and Hair Care product making courses.

We desired a quality product that was made for our hair texture and was simple and easy to use. We wanted it to be multi-functional and good to our hair. We have always been interested in healthy skin and hair.

With that in mind Natural Splendor was conceived with a commitment to providing quality natural hair care products. The Natural Splendor premium product collection offers a multi-functional streamlined approach to the care of naturally textured hair.

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