Dawn Shaffer of natural splendor hair story big chop

We love our natural hair and the idea is conceived to tap into the natural hair community by offering high-end Novelty tee shirts and protective hair items.

Naoj Andrews of natural splendor hair story big chop

Growing up an only child, I spent my days playing in my mothers closet. I’ve been surrounded by the world of fashion and beauty my entire life, you can say it runs in my blood.

Robin Rogers of natural splendor hair story big chop

My love of the beauty and fashion world began as a child. Our Mother raised me and my sister on VOGUE magazine and taught us to sew at an early age and appreciate quality clothing.


I am honored to be a co-founder of Natural Splendor. Changing my hair has changed my life. I discovered a new freedom and a new found relationship with my hair and myself. I did not have many conversations about my hair. My only quest, I was always looking for the next easy way to have more “good hair days” than bad ones. I spent decades and many dollars and hours not relating to my hair. Going natural forced me to open my heart to loving, my head to understanding what grew out of my scalp.

As an imaginative person I have always had a powerful desire to create things. I have always had a passion for I have loved fashion and design since I was a little girl. I didn’t see myself designing hair products however, everything about starting this company has seemed organic and destined.. Natural Splendor is every thing I have ever wanted, I own a business where I get to be creative, I get to work with my family and be of service in the community

Growing this business , learning my hair and Being a part of the natural hair community is where I feel excitement and wonderfully drawn. I love the “it takes a village” feel that I get from every experience I have had connecting with the hair community. I am a wife, mother ,sister , auntie and friend . I hope to continue to serve my family and my community in ways that are always loving and compassionate.


Growing up as an only child I spent my days playing in my mothers closet. I have been surrounded by a world of fashion and beauty my entire life; you can say it runs in my blood. It was only natural when I found myself in Los Angeles after high school attending FIDM while working in beauty and hair salons. Traveling as a fashion rep, attending Fashion Week as a make-up artist had been the stepping stones that brought me to Natural Splendor.

Embracing my Natural hair was the answer to the first year of motherhood and new a job. My life had become bigger than my hair, and I wanted to be free! I decided to Big Chop; it was life changing. At the time I felt I had lost part of me. I realized though, I was more me than ever before. I absolutely LOVE my hair.

Through this journey, the natural hair community has been amazing; being a part of something so empowering, positive, and inclusive is a beautiful thang!

I’m excited to share this new chapter in my life through our blog SPLENDORLIFE, and my personal family post “Sessions From The Sippy Cup”.

Married life with 3 kids under 6 is not always instagram pics and playdates! It’s 7am oscar winning performances in a mini drama series without enough sleep to play the supporting role!

Yeah…Welcome To My Reality!

Xoxo, Naoj


My love of the beauty and fashion world began as a child. Fashion magazines were like girl-rearing manuals in our Mothers hands and VOGUE magazine was the leader in helping us to develop style and appreciate quality clothing. As a teen I began modeling and wrote an article for my High School newspaper about trending hairstyles. Over the years my love of beauty & fashion grew to include Fashion Stylist, Fashion Show Production, Makeup Artist, Licensed Esthetician and Jewelry Designer. As a Jewelry Designer, I’ve sold my designs at festivals, home shows, independent kiosks, spa’s, women’s events and natural hair meet-ups. My popular Urban Gypsy bracelet was designed in honor of our childhood growing up traveling thanks to our Fathers Military career. Creating NATURAL SPLENDOR with my sister Dawn grew out of a need for products that were naturally derived and had ingredients that are good for our hair and were easy to use. NATURAL SPLENDOR is the fulfillment of a life’s dream to build a business together. The inclusion of my daughter Naoj as our Brand Ambassador and our spouses help round out our team, this is a true family hustle. Check out my musings on married life in my blog “scenes from a marriage”.

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